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2010 FAST Family Support Survey: National Results

Authors: Institute on Community Integration


This report describes a national survey developed in conjunction with the FAST(Family Advocacy and Support Training Project) project to increase our understanding of the key for youth and young adults with disabilities in transition from school to adulthood

After conducting a series of focus groups to frame the issues, the FAST program conducted a nationwide, internet-based survey of parents of youth who have disabilities. There were nearly 2500 respondents that broke into three groups for many analyses, parents/caregivers of youth who: 1) had Intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD); 2) fell on the autism spectrum (ASD), or; 3) had some other disability(ies (Other). Click on the "Web Links" tab above to download a copy of the final report, below is a sample of what was learned in each of the three areas

Information Needs
-Parents of youth with IDD were interested in information about social recreation opportunities.
-Parents of youth with ASD and other disabilities were interested in information about their sons or daughters becoming employed and living independently.
-Parents of youth with ASD shared the need for information about social and recreational opportunities desired by the parents of youth with IDD.

Unmet Service Needs
-Significantly fewer respondents whose family member had IDD reported unmet needs for the listed supports than did respondents in one or both of the other categories.
-Parents of youth with ASD reported many more unmet service needs than those of youth with IDD, and a few more than those whose youth had other disabilities.

Service Quality
-Parents of youth in the “Other” disability group were more satisfied with services related to their son or daughter learning self-care skills, and building healthy relationships than were parents in the other two groups.
-Parents of youth with IDD were more satisfied than those in the other two groups with services related to planning for their son or daughter’s future in areas such as financial resources and support with decision making.

Description above based on a review of the report online on 7/11/11 at http://www.fastfamilysupport.org/pdf/

Contact Info:
Name:Sheryl A. Larson
Title:Research Director, Research Associate
Organization:Institute on Community Integration
Address:150 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone:(612) 624-6024
Fax:(612) 625-6619
Cost:Survey can be downloaded for free

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