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Alzheimer's and Down Syndrome


The National Down Syndrome Society has a webpage devoted to explaining the impact of Alzheimer's Disease on people who have Down syndrome. Click on the "Web Links" tab above to go to the page now, it's contents are organized under the following headings:

The Connection Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Down syndrome

General Definition and Overview

The Span of Alzheimer’s Disease
-Early stage
-Middle stage
-Advanced stage

Recognizing Alzheimer’s Disease
-Establishing a “baseline”
-Seeking a memory evaluation
-After the diagnosis is made
-Learn about dementia

Contact Info:
Organization:National Down Syndrome Society
Address:666 Broadway, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10012
Cost:No cost

Web Links

See the webpage on Down syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease

Homepage of the National Down Syndrome Society

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