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Removing Barriers to Health Clubs and Fitness Facilities

Authors: North Carolina Office on Disability and Health


This book is a guide to making health clubs more accessible to people with disabilities. It begins by explaining why it is a smart business move to make facilities accessible, and the majority of the book explains how to make facilities accessible. Most of the suggestions are focused on physical accessibility. Here are the titles of the books seven major sections:

- How Usable Is Your Health and Fitness Facility

- An Untapped Market

- Providing Access for All Members

- Guidelines for Creating Accessible Spaces in Fitness Facilities

- Guidelines for Selecting Equipment

- Recommendations for Assisting People with Disabilities

- Resources

The book's appendix includes a “Fitness Facilities: An Abbreviated Accessibility Survey” that is a checklist for health clubs to use in evaluating their facilities, almost all focused on accessibility for people with physical disabilities.

Based on a review of the book online on 5/6/11 (http://www.fpg.unc.edu/~ncodh/pdfs/rbfitness.pdf)

Contact Info:
Organization:North Carolina Office on Disability and Health
Address:The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC-CH, CB# 8185
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8185

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