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Report on the State of Science on Health Risks and Aging in People with Intellectual Disabilities

Authors: Meindert Haveman, Tamar Heller, Lynette Lee, Marian Maaskant, Shahin Shooshtari, Andre Strydom


This 70+ page booklet was developed by a international group of scientists who met in Germany in 2009. The opening paragraph explains what is contained very well:

“This paper summarizes a review of the scientific literature over the past fifteen years on the topic of health risks associated with aging in people with an Intellectual Disability. It is a review of descriptive observational research ranging from discussion at the social ‘wellness’ end of the spectrum through to analysis of the impact of aging on the incidence of chronic physical illness. We have commented on the relevance of these findings for policy development and made recommendations for further research.”

The research is organized into the following sections:

- Lifestyle and modifiable risk factors

- Signs and symptoms commonly associated with aging

- Deterioration and diseases more prevalent with aging

- Life expectancy and mortality

- Health disparities and morbidity

- Health promotion and health protection strategies for older adults with ID

Based on a review of the document online on 4/21/11 (http://www.rrtcadd.org/Resource/Publications/HP/Brief/assets/State%20of%20Science%20on%20Health%20Risks.pdf)

Contact Info:
Organization:Department Rehabilitation and Education for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Faculty Rehabilitation Sciences
Address:University of Dortmund Emil-Figge-Str.50
Dortmund 44221

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