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Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities and their Aging Family Caregivers

Authors: Tamar Heller, Ph.D. & Alan Factor, Ph.D


Summary from the RRTCADD website:

"This fact sheet uses a question-and-answer format to present frequently requested information about aging with developmental disabilities. It provides an overview of demographics, age-related changes, service and support needs for older adults and their families, and new service models and resources."

Questions addressed include:

- How many older people are there with developmental disabilities?

- How do people with developmental disabilities age compared to the general population?

- What are the age-related concerns of adults with developmental disabilities and their families?

- What are the key aging service programs?

This fact sheet is a publication of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Aging with Developmental Disabilities at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

-Summary taken from the RRTCADD website viewed on 1/24/11 (http://www.rrtcadd.org/Resource/Publications/General/Brief/Info.html)

Contact Info:
Name:Tamar Heller, Ph.D.
Title:Professor and UCEED Director
Organization:Department of Disability and Human Development
Address:436 Disability, Health, and Social Policy Building
1640 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago, Illinois 60608-6904
Phone:312/413-1647; 800/996-884; TTY: 312/413-0453
Cost:No cost

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