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The Family Life & Disability Series: Answers for people with disabilities & their families

Authors: Spirit Lake Tribe, Three Affiliated Tribes and Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.


This is a web-based curriculum designed for Native American people, including people with disabilities, family members, and interested community members. Each of the five workshops is broken into several topical screens that have some content along with links to other web-based information. The workshops are not interactive, instead visitors are given a lot of information to click through and read. It seems most information shared about disability and disability services come from the majority culture, but the workshops also place the information into a cultural frame.

The Family Life Series is broken into the following five workshops:

1.Disability Access

2.Family Life & Disability

3.Young Children & Disability

4.Disability in the School Year

5.Adulthood, Disability & Aging

CD-based copies of the entire website for use when people do not have Internet access are available at no cost.

Based on information from the Family Life & Disability Series homepage (www.spiritlakeconsulting.com/DA/index.html, viewed 1/9/2011)

Contact Info:
Organization:Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc.
Address:P.O.Box 663, 314 Circle Dr
Fort Totten,, ND 58335
Phone:(701) 351-2175
Fax:(800) 905 -2571

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