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Person Centered Planning and Communication of End-Of-Life Wishes With People Who Have Developmental Disabilities

Authors: Leigh Ann Kingsbury, MPA, Gerontologist


This paper discusses how person-centered planning can be used with people at the end of their lives. It was published in the May, 2005 edition of the Journal of Religion, Disability and Health with the full text accessible under the "Web Links" tab above. The author specifically refers to Essential Life Styles Planning, and Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH) as useful models. Below is the paper’s conclusion that sums up many of the main ideas:

“The use of person-centered planning ought to support conversations around what is important to and important for the person; what matters in everyday life; what the person’s values are; what their hopes, dreams and fears are; what supports are needed for the person to have a meaningful and quality life on their terms; and how all of those elements can be supported and honored as the person ages, acquires a disability and/or is dying. Self-determination applies to one’s whole life---and advance care planning, which can be accomplished as part of trusting and mindful person-centered planning, must be a part of the process.”

Taken from full text of paper viewed online on 12/7/10 (http://learningcommunity.us/documents/pcp.eol.journal.pdf)

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Name:Leigh Ann Kingsbury

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