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Coleman Institute National Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology

Authors: The Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities


This annual conference has a different theme each year. Go to the website for information about the upcoming conference, or to see programs from previous conferences. Here is a description of the conference copied from the Coleman Institute's website:

"The Coleman Institute annual conference is a major Institute activity with a university, regional, and national reputation. Institute Executive Director David Braddock, PhD, has organized and chaired twelve conferences since the Institute's founding in 2001. Poster sessions on cognitive technology topics are at the heart of the conferences. CU faculty and students display their research posters and exhibits, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration across CU's campuses and with research partners worldwide. These sessions highlight progress and stimulate extensive discourse involving colleagues from other universities and experts in technology and disability. In addition, the speakers, panelists and participants at these conferences represent a diverse community of concern where knowledge and insight are shared not only by academics, but also by leaders in government, industry and the disability community including parents, advocates and service providers."

Above copied from The Coleman Institute website on 8/23/13 (colemaninstitute.org/institute-annual-conferences)

Contact Info:
Name:David Braddock, PhD
Title:Executive Director
Organization:Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, University of Colorado
Address:3825 Iris Ave., Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone:(303) 492-0639
Fax:(303) 735-5643

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