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2010 - Minnesota Apology Bill

Authors: Minnesota State Legislature


In 2010, The Minnesota State Legislature passed a bill that was a formal apology to people with disabilities for the abuse and neglect that occurred in state institutions. This abuse and neglect had occurred over a period of more than 80 years and included things like forced sterilizations and lobotomies.

The apology bill was part of a larger initiative led by self-advocates to recognize the lives of people who lived and died in state institutions. This larger initiative also included restoring cemeteries on the grounds of former institutions, where people had been buried with their medical records number marking their grave instead of their name.

In the ten years leading up to the apology bill, self-advocates had received funding through the legislature to clean up the cemeteries and install proper markers on several thousand graves. Each year with the funding request for cemetery restoration came a request for a public acknowledgement of an apology for the deplorable conditions that people lived under while in institutions. Each year this bill did not receive a fair hearing because of fear that an apology from the state would lead to demands for financial compensation. In 2010, that concern was sufficiently addressed and the state of Minnesota took responsibility for the cruelty that had occurred.

Contact Info:
Name:Rick Cardenas
Title:Co-Executive Director
Organization:Advocating Change Together (ACT)
Address:Suite 306-S
1821 University Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

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