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Lesbian Couples: A Guide to Creating Healthy Relationships

Authors: D.Merilee Clunis, G. Dorsey Green

ISBN: 9781580051316


This book provides a very comprehensive view of the lesbian culture and lifestyle. According to the publisher, it includes discussion of many issues, including:

- Commitment ceremonies and marriage
- Living arrangements
- Work
- Money
- Togetherness and separate identities
- Coming out to family and friends
- Resolving conflict and understanding each other

A particular strength of this book is the attention paid to diversity within the lesbian community, and there is a chapter dedicated to “Disability.” The book was co-authored by two therapists.

Contact Info:
Organization:Seal Press
Address:1700 4th Street
Berkleley, CA 94710
Cost:$16.95 from publisher(lower price was available at Barnes and Noble on day published to Quality Mall)

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