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A place in the pew: People with disabilities advocate to attend church of choice

Authors: Dionne Walker, Associated Press


This is a news article that explains problems that people with disabilities are having going to places of worship, and being an active participant. Here are a few excerpts that give a flavor for what is in the article (there are also stories of real people):

“Years after federal law required accommodations for the disabled, separation of church and state means houses of worship remain largely beyond the law’s reach. State laws and denominational measures meant to take up the slack are tricky to enforce and face resistance from churches who call them both costly and impractical.”

“They want special touches like pew cutouts that let wheelchair users sit alongside other worshippers, or listening devices that aid in confession – accommodations that can be pricey, according to the Rev. Barbara Ramnaraine, coordinator of the Episcopal Disability Network, the denomination’s disabled ministry.”

Excerpts taken from article viewed online on 10/26/2010 (http://missoulian.com/lifestyles/faith-and-values/religion/article_0b36f99c-0d2b-11df-8116-001cc4c03286.html)

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