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End-of-life Care: Bridging Disability And Aging With Person Centered Care

Authors: Edited by William C. Gaventa, David L. Couleter

ISBN: 0789030721


End-of-life Care: Bridging Disability And Aging With Person Centered Care is about end of life care. The book is centered around two introductory papers, one of which was written by a well known and respected advocate for people with disabilities and concerns his son who had a cognitive disability. The other was written by a well known theologian coming from the perspective of having a father with Alzheimer's disease.

The book also contains chapters that are responses to these two papers from experts in the field. Other chapters have other personal stories and describe issues regarding end of life issues for people with disabilities.

Both of the two central papers are also in journals, and the papers can be purchased separately through those journals.

Book Description from Publisher:

"... This difficult and important issue is discussed in detail by lawyers, theologians, clinical practitioners, and professional service providers, and includes several revealing personal stories about end-of-life experiences. Helpful resources for both policy and practice are also presented to assist the reader to learn more.

End-of-Life Care discusses:

*Who, how, and on what grounds end-of-life decisions should be made for persons with developmental/intellectual disabilities

*Best practices information from Volunteers of America’s Last Passages

*The unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their
families when confronting issues of death and dying

*The protection of the rights of persons with disabilities from discrimination

*Person centered care for persons who are aging with complicating health conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease

*Helping all people to clearly communicate their end-of-life wishes"

-Description taken from publisher's website viewed on 7/15/10 (www.routledge.com/books/details/9780789030733/)

Contact Info:
Address:270 Madison Avenue
New York, NY
Phone:(212) 216-7800
Fax:(212) 563-2269
Cost:$63.95 (Paperback from publisher)

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