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Product Information End-of-Life Care for Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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 Full Description: 
From Publisher's Description:

"While care for people with developmental disabilities has undergone revolutionary improvements, it still isn't unusual to have some continue to wonder why people with developmental disabilities should consider aggressive medical management in specific situations. Further, palliative care for people with intellectual disabilities is inherently controversial and ridden with medical, ethical, and legal complexities for which most professionals receive little training and can turn to very few resources for help... End-of-Life Care for Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities presents a comprehensive framework under which professionals and families can make decisions that are thoughtful, ethical, and most importantly, respect the wishes of individuals with disabilities."

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Here are the chapter titles and authors:
Foreword(Allen C. Crocker)
Preface (Sandra L. Friedman and David T. Helm)

Part I Historical Perspective

1 Constructing a “Good Death”: Historical and Social Frameworks
(David T. Helm and Sandra L. Friedman)

2 End-of-Life Policies and Practices
(Anne L. Botsford and Angela King)

3 Ethical Foundations and Legal Issues
(Judith Levy and Maureen van Stone)

Part II Medical Conditions and Management

4 Complex Medical Problems Affecting Life and Life Span in Children
(Sandra L. Friedman)

5 Medical Conditions in Adults Near the End of Life
(Marc T. Emmerich)

6 Medical Treatment and Management at the End of Life
(Julie Hauer)

7 Nutrition Issues in End-of-Life Care
(Sari Edelstein, Sharon Weston, and Vanessa Ludlow)

Part III Current Controversies and Ethical Dilemmas

8 Practical Guide to Health Care Decision Making
(Betsy B. Johnson)

9 Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders and Redirection of Treatment
(Jeffrey P. Burns and Christine Mitchell)

10 Ethical Issues in the Withdrawal of Support: Charting a Course
Between Scylla and Charybdis
(Peter J. Smith and John J. Hardt)

-Book description taken from Publisher's website viewed on 7/12/10 (https://bookstore.aaidd.org/BookDetail.aspx?bid=98)
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