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Noteworthy Practices in Support Coordination
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If you ask the best support coordinators what they think their role should be many will answer that their job has 2 parts. The first job should be to help people describe what is important to them, to describe how they want to live and that they should help people keep this vision of their future alive. Their second job is to serve as "system navigators", to help people though the systems of services to move toward the life that they want. For most people who are support coordinators the reality of their jobs is quite different. Most talk of being overwhelmed by the amount of paper they have to generate and complain of the lack of time that they have for the people that they support. The products in this department will provide information on how this challenge is being addressed.

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Managed by: Patti Scott (patti.scott@earthlink.net) of Neighbours, Inc.

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online) (14 Products)
Electronic Media (2 Products)
Organizations, Programs, and Projects (1 Products)
People Who Can Help (2 Products)

Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
Becoming Remarkably Able: Walking the Path to Talents, Interests, and Personal Growth
This workbook helps youth who have autism identify their gifts and strengths.
Disability: A Diversity Model Approach in Human Service Practice, Third Edition
This book introduces a practice model that emphasizes the strengths of people with disabilities, and the barriers that society puts in their way. It is written at a challenging reading level.
Evaluation of Case Management Model: Hennepin County Developmental Disabilities Program
Evaluation of a new case management model being used in Minneapolis area (Hennepin County), Minnesota.
Facilitated Decision Making Curriculum
This short curriculum helps service coordinators learn how to support people with disabilities in making their own decisions. You can download it for free as a pdf file.
How Managed Long-Term Services and Supports is Providing Coordination
This report looks at how different states are including care coordination in their managed care Long Term Services and Supports.
Impact: Feature Issue on Enhancing Quality and Coordination of Health Care for Persons with Chronic Illness and/or Disabilities
This issue of the Impact newsletter is about programs that help people with disabilities receive all the health care they need. You can download for free as a PDF file.
Innovative Models and Best Practices in Case Management and Support Coordination
A report that discusses how case management is provided across different states. Special attention is given to explaining how the role of case managers is changing.
Intellectual Disability and Social Inclusion
This book talks about how hard it can be for people with disabilities to find health care and social services. It focuses on issues in the United Kingdom.
Intellectual Disability: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports (11th Edition)
This book is the most recent classification and diagnosis system for persons with intellectual disability.
Privatization in Practice: Case Studies of Contracting for TANF Case Management
A report explaining the experiences of local communities in moving from programs managed by government, to providing services managed by people with disabilities and their families.
Redesigning Case Managment Services for People with Disabilities in Minnesota
A study of how case management for peoople with all disabilities under age 65 in Minnesota should be reformed.
Supporting the Promise of Freedom: The New Broker
A guide for support brokers that is one of a series developed by the Center for Self-Determination. You can download a copy for free.
Survey of State Case Management Policies and Practices
This technical report summarizes a survey of developmental disability case management services across the United States.
The Support Broker Manual - A Resource Guide
This book is for people who serve as Support Brokers for people with disabilities.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
A Brief Video Introduction to PBS
This 6 minute YouTube video explains the basics of Positive Behavior Support.
This online tool brings family and friends together around a person who needs support.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Community Resource Teams
This initiative in Alaska helps bring services to those who live in rural areas.
People Who Can Help
Patti Scott
I am the CEO and co-founder of Neighbours, Inc, an innovative organization providing self-directed supports to people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I regularly provide training and consultation on all aspects of organizational change (moving to self...
Ruthie Beckwith
Ruthie-Marie Beckwith, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Microboards Association, Inc. a statewide non-governmental organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities self-manage their services and supports. Prior to developing ...

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