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Person-Centered Planning
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Provides information on a variety of planning methods, including different models of lifestyle planning, training programs in planning methods, and sources of ongoing training and support for facilitators.

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Managed by: David Wetherow (wetherow@me.com) of CommunityWorks

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Books, Publications & Reports (printed and/or online)
A Little Book about Person-Centered Planning
This book has many different chapters by John O'Brien and Connie O'Brien with various issues about person-centered planning.
Aging with Intellectual Disabilities and Later-Life Family Caregiving
This chapter, located in volume seven of an eleven-volume set entitled "Comprehensive Clinical Psychology" looks at caregiving of older adults with intellectual disabilities and how aging affects families, services and supports and future planning.
Attention: This is Your Life! What Do You Want to Do with It?
This workbook helps self-advocates think about decision-making and what they want to do with their lives. It has pictures and easy to understand language. You can download it for free!
Building New Worlds: For Students with Disabilities in Transition from High School to Adult Life
This book has stories of young adults with disabilities who are active members of their communities. It shows how person-centered planning helped.
Capacity Works
Capacity Works creates books, worksheet kits and posters for facilitators of person-centered planning meetings. The material is also helpful for the people with disabilities, family members and other support circle members.
Children with Disabilities, Seventh Edition
This is a college textbook about different types of disabilities.
Communication for Person-Centered Planning
This information pack helps teams work in a Person-Centered way and better understand the communication styles of self advocates.
Conversations on Citizenship & Person-Centered Work
This book has interviews with the leaders in person-centered planning like Beth Mount, Michael Smull, and Jack Pearpoint. Each is asked how they got started and about the values that guide their work.
Dare to Dream for Adults
This workbook helps people with developmental disabilities identify their dreams, desires, and needs in many areas. You can download a copy for free.
Elements of Design
This book provides an essential overview of person-centered planning, as well as step-by-step methods, tools, and process examples.
End-of-life Care: Bridging Disability And Aging With Person Centered Care
A book about end of life care both for people with disabilities and people who are aging. Its chapters are written by experts in the field who respond to two introductory papers.
Equity and Full Participation for Individuals with Severe Disabilities
This book prepares professionals to strengthen supports and services for people with disabilities across the lifespan.
Essential Lifestyle Planning
A unique form of Person-Centered Planning originally designed for people with challenging behavior . . .
Facilitating an Everyday Life
This book is a guide for people who want to support people with disabilities independent of an agency.
Families Planning Together
A manual designed to help families develop an essential lifestyle plan with a family member.
Five Wishes
Five Wishes is a booklet that helps you put in writing how you want things handled at the end of your life.
Getting from Where I Am to Where I Want to Be
This tool helps people prepare for person-centered planning meetings, and at other times of transition.
Growing Up: Transition to Adult Life for Students with Disabilities, First Edition
This textbook talks about how schools help students prepare for adult life.
HSA Press
HSA Press is a publisher of materials that promote person centered thinking and planning.
Human Needs and Intellectual Disabilities: Applications for Person Centered Planning, Dual Diagnosis, and Crisis Intervention
This book is about people with disabilities who have mental illness.
A newsletter with articles on research, current trends in services, and success stories. Each issue has a specific focus area important to persons with disabilities.
Implementing Person-Centered Planning: Voices of Experience
This book presents several ways to think about person-centered planning. The book talks about its limitations, the conditions for its success and its contributions.
Increasing Person Centered Thinking: Improving the Quality of Person-Centered Planning
This manual is for people who want to conduct person-centered planning and for those who want to improve how they do person-centered planning.
It's My Choice
This self-guided workbook can help people prepare for their person-centered planning meetings. It is available for free as a PDF download.
Justice in Aging: A Right to Person-Centered Care Planning
This report provides background on the new person-centered planning and service plan rule for people who are aging and need long-term services and supports.
Life Planning for Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A Guide for Parents and Family Members
A book for families of children and adults with DD to help plan for the future. They will learn how to choose the best place for their loved ones to live when they leave home and how to find meaningful work and recreation activities for them.
Listen to Me!
This Workbook helps teams get ready for a person-centered planning meeting. It helps everyone understand what is most important to the focus person.
Make a Difference: A Guidebook for Person-Centered Direct Support
This book and curriculum supports action-learning about relationship building, planning with people in a person-centered way, supporting choice, & building community inclusion.
Making my own choices
This workbook helps people make choices and plan their futures. It is easy to understand.
Managing a Special Needs Trust: A Guide for Trustees - 2015 Edition
This is a guide for anyone who is managing a Special Needs Trust for a person with disabilities.
Members of Each Other: Building Community in Company with People with Developmental Disabilities
In 1996, this book set a strong values-based foundation for providing supports for individuals with disabilities. It is still a strong resource about person-centered planning and self-directed supports.
One Candle Power: Building Bridges into Community Life for People with Disabilities
This book explains how to organize circles of support. It shows how they can change the lives of people with disabilities.
PATH: Planning Positive Possible Futures (Second Edition)
This seminal book explains the PATH process. PATH is used for person-centered planning and stands for "Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope."
People Planning Ahead: Communicating Healthcare and End-of-Life Wishes
This workbook helps caregivers support someone through end of life issues.
Person Centered Planning and Communication of End-Of-Life Wishes With People Who Have Developmental Disabilities
This paper is about using person-centered planning with people who have disabilities and are nearing the end of their lives. It is available online.
Person Centered Planning for Later Life: Death and Dying - A curriculum for Adults with Mental Retardation
This training curriculum helps people with mental disabilities understand death and grieving. It includes six lessons lead by a facilitator and a student notebook. Pictures and interactive options, such as field trips to a funeral home, are included.
Personal Preference Indicators: A Guide for Planning
This tool is a guide for learning about the person's preferences. It is helpful when planning with a person who has a developmental disability, and you can download it for free.
Person-Centered Planning and Outcome Management
A book about outcome management for quality lifestyles
Person-Centered Planning for Later Life: A Curriculum for Adults with Mental Retardation
This curriculum helps those with intellectual disabilities to actively plan for their later years.
Person-Centered Planning With the Supports Intensity Scale-Adult Version: A Guide for Planning Teams
This book helps service teams create individualized support plans that enhance quality of life for individuals.
Person-Centered Planning: Helping People with Disabilities Achieve Personal Outcomes
This book is designed to help managers and support staff develop person-centered plans.
Person-Centered Planning: Research, Practice, and New Directions
This book covers qualitative and quantitative research findings, variations on implementation, and suggestions for making person-centered planning effective in service systems.
Planning for Real Life
A book about transition from school to work for individuals with disabilities.
Reaching Out to People with Learning Disabilities and Their Families from Black and Minority Ethnic Communities; Guidance for Families of People with Learning Disabilities and Practitioners in Developing Culturally Competent Planning
This booklet is about including culture into person centered planning.
Real Life After School
This is a guide for planning life after school for youth with disabilities. You can download it as a PDF, or purchase a copy through the publisher.
Real Life Quality Standards
A book that helps people with disabilities think about how satisfied they are with where they live, what they do with their friends, ect. It can help people plan for the future. You can download it for free.
Roles Based Planning- Second Edition
This book reviews social role valorization, individual rights, self-determination, and community integration. The author reflects on differences these innovations have made, and presents a model of his own. You can download the entire book as a PDF.
Safely Home, Profile of a Futures Planning Group
This book tells how a mother discovered the Futures Planning method, and then used it to make dreams happen for her and her son.
Satisfaction Guide
This guide and DVD helps people with disabilities tell others what is important to them.
The Child Preference Indicators
This assessment tool helps professionals learn the true preferences and abilities of children. It is completed with lots of input from families.
The International Journal of Disability, Community and Rehabilitation (IJDCR)
This online journal publishes research articles from around the world on the issues of people with disabilities. Anyone can read the articles online for free.
The PATH & MAPS Handbook: Person-Centered Ways to Build Community
This handbook makes PATH and MAPS stronger by connecting them to the work of community building.
The Support Broker Manual - A Resource Guide
This book is for people who serve as Support Brokers for people with disabilities.
The Willowbrook Futures Project: A Longitudinal Analysis of Person-Centered Planning
This study found that person-centered planning helped people with disabilities have better outcomes than a more traditional service approach.
Training Person-Centered Planning Facilitators: A Compendium of Ideas
This manual has resources for training people to facilitate Person Centered Planning meetings.
We Can Dream!
This booklet explains how the person-centered planning process can be modified for people with autism. It uses the stories of four young adults.
Your Values, My Values
This book describes various ways to support people from different cultures. There are stories about seven people from different cultures, nationalities, and races. Exercises help to learn how to support others with different beliefs and values.
Electronic Media (Videos, CDs, T.V., Radio, Websites, etc.)
This agency provides training, opportunities, and many online resources about person-centered planning and community supports.
Conversations that Matter
This website has many short video presentations about person-centered planning and supports. They have been done by experts in the field.
This app gives a snapshot of the quality of life of a person with disabilities using CQL's person-centered outcomes.
Facilitation for Inclusion with PATH & MAPS (DVD)
This DVD is for facilitators of the PATH & MAPS person-centered program from Inclusion Press. It is meant to be used with the PATH & MAPS Handbook.
Future Care Planning: A Roadmap for Family Caregivers
This book guides people through the steps of planning for the future. There are sections for family members and another for people with disabilities. There are many worksheets.
Institute on Community Integration (ICI), University of Minnesota website
The website for the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota
Look Back, Plan Forward
This is a spot to use the web to remember important events that have happened in your life. These can help as you plan for the future.
Make Work a Part of Your Plan Webinar Series
This webinar series covers information about meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities, focusing on Minnesota.
Michael Smull Introduces Person-Centered Thinking Tools
This is a series of nine short videos about person-centered planning. All of the videos can be viewed on YouTube for free.
Partners for Planning
This agency helps families plan for the future through offering training and support. They also have a great website with many useful resources.
Partners in Employment
This online course helps people with disabilities learn how to find a job
Person Centered Approaches in Schools and Transition
This online video encourages schools to use person-centered planning with their transition aged students. You can watch it online for free.
Social Role Valorization website
This website provides information and some resources about Social Role Valorization (SRV). SRV was the theory on which Wolf Wolfensberger based his important work on improving services to people with IDD.
The Arc's Center for Future Planning
This website has information for families about person-centered futures planning.
The Learning Community for person centered practices
This informal network seeks to create a community worldwide that shares knowledge about supporting people in having positive control over their lives.
The Willowbrook Futures Project: A Longitudinal Analysis of Person-Centered Planning
This study found that person-centered planning helped people with disabilities have better outcomes than a more traditional service approach.
Think About Your Life
This website provides many person-centered planning tools.
Think and Plan
A website that has online person-centered thinking tools. It is for people who have already had training or support in using person centered planning and thinking.
Weaving the Ties that Bind: Personal Network Facilitation
This on-line course teaches how to build and facilitate social networks for people who are socially isolated.
Organizations, Programs, and Projects
Center for Disability Information and Referral
This Center is a primary source of quality information on disability for residents of Indiana.
This agency provides training, opportunities, and many online resources about person-centered planning and community supports.
This agency helps people who want to manage their own services. They can help set up microboards, cooperatives and other direct funding initiatives.
CommunityWorks: PATH and Creative Facilitation Training
An organization that teaches people the best ways to do person-centered planning. They are especially interested in community-building.
Gentle Teaching International
This organization focuses on gentle teaching. Their website contains a variety of resources and information on gentle teaching as a practice for supporting individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
Helen Sanderson Associates
This organization seeks to create person-centered change in provider agencies all around the world.
A consulting practice to support people with disabilities who also have behavior difficulties.
Inclusion Press
This group has many books and DVDs to help people learn about topics like person-centered planning and social inclusion.
Institute for Person-Centered Practices
This agency provides training on person-centered thinking for program leaders, DSPs, people with disabilities, and their family members. It is located in Texas.
National Alliance on Mental Illness
This organization advocates and educates across the US to help people with mental health disabilities.
This annual conference has many good ideas for people interested in autism, assistive technology, and low incidence disabilities. It is held in Ohio each Fall.
Partners for Planning
This agency helps families plan for the future through offering training and support. They also have a great website with many useful resources.
Reinventing Quality Conference
This national conference shares the best of what is happening in services for people with disabilities. It happens every two years and attracts a wide variety of audiences.
Spectrum Press
This company provides person-centered resources for those who support people with disabilities.
Supported Community Living program in Midland, Michigan
An award-winning approach to supporting persons with developmental disabilities toward full community inclusion
The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD)
AAIDD is the oldest and largest organization of professionals interested in developmental disabilities. AAIDD is known for high quality publications, and national and regional conference that bring together people interested in developmental disabilities.
The Center for Person Centered Practices
This agency helps organizations become more "Person-centered." It works in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
The Inclusion Network Toronto Summer Institute
This annual conference is held in Toronto. It provides classes, seminars and activities about community inclusion and person-centered planning.
The Learning Community for person centered practices
This informal network seeks to create a community worldwide that shares knowledge about supporting people in having positive control over their lives.
The Star Raft
This is a method of bringing people together to provide person-centered support.
Darcy Elks
Darcy provides training on social role valorization, person-centered thinking, creating meaningful days, and many other value-based approaches to support. She is also available for consultation or program evaluation.
DreamQuest Game
DreamQuest: a game to teach the dynamic process of person-centered planning
Hope Leet Dittmeier
Hope has been an advocate with people who have disabilities since 1983. Her speciality is creating customized employment and community living supports that ensure people are vital members of their communities.
Linda Perry
Linda has over 35 years experience in supporting people with disabilities. She is the Executive Director of the Vela Microboard Association.
Michael Kendrick, Ph.D.
Michael Kendrick is an international consultant, author, speaker and leader in the field of disability.
Michael Smull
Michael is an expert on Essential Lifestyle Planning. He has experience in nearly all aspects of developing community services.
People Who Can Help
Angela Amado
Angela Amado has conducted training throughout the U.S., Canada, and also in the Netherlands and Israel on person-centered planning, friendships between people with and without developmental disabilities, community building, self-determination, and per...
Pat Fratangelo
Onondaga Community Living (OCL) is an organization that transitioned from providing group home services to personalized services. We provide personalized suports to adults with developmental disabilities in every type of service that we do, whether it ...
Patti Scott
I am the CEO and co-founder of Neighbours, Inc, an innovative organization providing self-directed supports to people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I regularly provide training and consultation on all aspects of organizational change (moving to self...
Tom Nerney
Together with 17 other Center for Self-Determination Resource Guides we provide training and technical assistance on all aspects of self-determination including: developing highly personal individual budgets and plans; crafting Medicaid waivers that pr...

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